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Needing Help Finding a Part for your RV?

Your dedicated Parts Team is ready to assist you in finding the right RV parts and accessories for your camper. We will help you keep your Alliance, Forest River, Keystone, Highland Ridge/Jayco, or KZ RV in camping shape.  While we don’t stock everything, rest assured if the part is available, we will get it for you!  And if you need help installing a particular part, our Service Team is here to assist you too!

Central PA's Largest RV Parts Store, Lerch RV, Milroy, PA

Are you searching for quality RV parts, accessories, and upgrades? Look no further than Central PA’s largest RV Parts Store. With over 2,100 square feet dedicated to everything RV, we’re your one-stop destination for all your recreational vehicle needs.

RV Appliance Upgrades:

Is it time to give your RV kitchen a makeover or replace non-working appliances? Upgrade your appliances to enhance your culinary experience on the road. From state-of-the-art 12v refrigerators to energy-efficient stoves and ovens, we offer a wide selection of appliances explicitly tailored for RVs. Say goodbye to outdated equipment and hello to modern convenience.

RV Fixture Upgrades and Repairs:

Don’t let minor issues with your RV’s fixtures keep you from enjoying your travels. We provide top-quality fixtures and repair services to ensure your RV is in tip-top shape. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, malfunctioning toilet, or damaged shower head, our experienced team has you covered with on-hand parts ready to go. 

Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Hitch Sales and Installation:

Planning to hit the road with your travel trailer or fifth wheel? Ensure you have the right hitch for a safe and smooth towing experience. Our store offers a variety of hitches suitable for different types of RVs, along with professional installation services. With our expertise of over 44 years, you will be towing with confidence and peace of mind.

Camping-Themed Home Decor, Drinkware, and Clothing:

Looking to add a touch of adventure to your home or wardrobe? Explore our collection of camping-themed home decor, drinkware, and clothing. From cozy throw pillows and rustic wall art to durable drinkware and stylish apparel, we have everything you need to showcase your love for the camping and the RVing Lifestyle you have come to love and enjoy.

Central PA RV Parts Store - Lerch RV
RV Parts Store in PA
Lerch RV Parts Store

At Lerch RV, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best RV parts, accessories, tank chemicals, water hoses, hitches, and more. Whether you’re embarking on a simple, stress-free weekend getaway or a high-adventure cross-country road trip, we have what you’re looking for to make your camping experience unforgettable. Please stop by our RV parts store today, and let’s gear up for adventure together!

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